Game Design


Free Will CYOA Book

Folding choose-your-own adventure book. Textless branching story that involves making simple choices. Graphically driven unfolding mechanic reveals the character’s path through a continuous interconnected world. Enjoyment consists in following each branch to final conclusion as well as exploring the fully-expanded world as a single unit.

Prototyping, typography, illustration and conceptual work.


Prototyping, Game Theory

Design prototyping for a tabletop game in development. Focus on core game mechanic: that each ringed layer is able to rotate during specific gameplay situations, thus changing possible player paths, forcing strategic fore-planning and logistical strategies for maneuvering across the playing area to achieve set goals.

Prototyping, game mechanics, game theory.


Level Design, Gameplay Mechanics

Conceptual level design iteration based on core gameplay mechanics. Ability to take an idea and develop a variety of potential solutions for review and further editing. Final design derived from prototyping, pressure testing and iterative exploration.

For the folding book project it was a matter of balancing possible physical structures, attractive final layouts and feedback based on interaction with initial prototypes.

Prototyping, level layout, player psychology.